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Heading True North

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

So… I have started a new chapter in my life, literally. I have spent the last few months writing a book and the interesting part is that I did not set out to become an author. Last year, while I was attending a Bible conference, I heard the Lord speak to me. He said, “You can’t serve both God and money.” These words are also from a verse in the Bible, but it is different when the Lord says it to you directly. It bothered me, and I began to ask God to help me understand exactly what He was saying to me. In other words, I was trying to understand what He wanted me “to do.”

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About 5 months later, I went to another Women's Bible conference at the Cove in Asheville and I heard God speak to me again. He asked me a question… He said, “Who's kingdom are you building?” In that moment, I did not know what He was telling me I should do but I knew what He was telling me that I should not be doing as it relates to my time. Without hesitation, I came home that weekend and I resigned from my job in the mortgage industry. An industry that Ive spent the last two decades in. I did not have a plan… which is not like me. I was just stepping out in faith because I knew I heard the Lord speak to me. I decided that I would just start reading the Bible and spending time with the Lord until He showed me what He wanted me to do. During this time, I felt prompted to read an outline which I had written in 2005. As I read it, my mind was flooded with thoughts and I began to write. The result is my first book titled “Don’t Die in the Pew."

This book will take you on a journey to seek the truth from the Word of God and challenge long-held beliefs about some of Christianity’s most thought-provoking questions like:

  • Is it possible to lose your salvation…is “Once Saved, Always Saved” biblical?

  • Why is what’s happening in Israel important to Christians and “end times”?

  • What is the relevance to the Old Testament in today’s world? What is God’s special relationship with Israel, a people He literally divorced? Jer 3:8

  • Has the modern-day Church forsaken the Holy Word of God for a “feel-good” message that fills seats but puts souls in peril?

Throughout the Bible we see that God uses the weak things of the world to confound the wise and that He doesn’t call the equipped He equips the called. I am in awe of who He is, and I am honored to be an ambassador for Christ.

In a compass we find two Norths but the direction of each one will not reach the same destination. There is magnetic north and true north. We need to be certain we are heading true north... our eternal destination may actually depend on it. The Bible talks about a Broad Way and a Narrow Path, one is leading to life and the other leads to death. However, the problem is that both of the entrances have a gate that is marked "heaven."

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