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"Throughout the entire Bible, it is evident that the Lord uses the weak things of the world to confound the mighty. {1 Cor 1:27} Scripture illustrates that He does not call the equipped, He equips the called. So, I figure that since He always used the most unsuspecting characters to share His message, and considering the fact that He even opened the mouth of a donkey to speak and accomplish His purposes, {Numbers 22:21-39} I trust that He can use me as well. I am confident in His ability, not mine."

Krista Smith is the President of a Christian Academy in Greenville, SC, and the founder and former CEO of mortgage lending firm Solverus Banc. She served as the Executive Director for Heartstep Foundation from 2004-2016. She has been an avid student of the Bible since her childhood and has been involved in ministry and leading Bible studies for the past twenty years. Krista was diligently focused on her business endeavors until the Lord asked her an important question, “Whose kingdom are you building?” At which point, she responded by leaving the mortgage business to wait on the Lord to lead her. Her journey of faith includes over three decades of Biblical study, a prophetic dream in 2005 and an urgent message for the sleeping Church to wake up. She has a calling to discipleship and reaching the lost within the body of Christ. 


Has the modern Church forsaken the Holy Word of God for a “feel good” doctrine that fills seats but puts souls in peril?


Don’t Die in the Pew offer’s a head-on, Scripture-based examination of many of the most controversial and confusing subjects within the modern Church.  It may surprise you and will likely challenge long-held beliefs around thought-provoking questions such as: Is it possible to lose your salvation…is "Once Saved, Always Saved" a biblical truth?

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